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I was wondering if any of you know about or use the Archery Scorepad website here – I use the ExpertArcher Android app which will automatically upload my scores to the website. I find it really useful, coming from a small island, to see how my barebow scores stack against the others recorded there. It might be that the BPAA could set up a group and use the system for the recording of scores. I’m not sure if there are other apps that have this upload functionality or if you can belong to more than one group/club. I’ve asked the question and I will update when I get an answer. In the meantime, I recommend having a look at the site. It’s free to use.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    This sounds quite interesting, I will ask Simon the BPAA Records Officer to have a look at it and respond back. As Kent Police Archery Club we use the on-line version of Golden Records, which allows our members to upload their scores onto the database themselves, but which allows the records officer for the Club (again Simon) to verify them. However it also requires our club members to take a picture of their score sheet, so that it can be confirmed with archer signature and scorer name to comply with AGB rules of Shooting

  2. Hi Steve. Heard back from Matt Brown the Archery Scorepad developer he says

    Hi Mike, at the moment it is only ExpertArcher that can upload scores…
    I am working on my own, but I’m not sure when that will be in a
    releasable state…

    For the groups, you can currently only be a member of one ‘local’ group
    and one ‘regional’ group at the same time. I am working on a fix for
    this, amongst various other updates… It’s just a matter of trying to
    find the time at the moment!

    So I’m a member of the Bowmen of Guernsey and Hampshire AA Regional group. So at the moment not possible to add BPAA but I’ll ask him when that might be. But it’s a brilliant site and the statistics collected are amazing.

    1. Hi Mike,
      I had a look at the site, very interesting. Is it just as a comparison site between archers? No used for Competitions ? Is there provision to somehow record archer and scorer signature for competitions?
      Yes please enquire when the BPAA could be included

  3. Mike,

    I’m fully supportive of this! I’ve personally created an account, and created a local group for Kent Police Archery Club, and a regional group for the BPAA, which members are welcome to join.

    It’s a great bit of fun, and as you say let’s you see where you rank against other archers nationally and internationally.

    Archers have till the 4th of December to be included in November’s indoor rankings. Ranking is based upon a Portsmouth score so I would encourage archers to get stuck in 🙂

    Great find Mike!

  4. Archery Score Pad is a great site and one I have used for the past couple of years.. It is definitely a great way of seeing how our BPAA archers are doing. Unfortunately, it only seems to allow you to be a member of one group at a time, or at least so I can see. Does anyone know if it will allow you to be under two groups? I am already registered under my club.

  5. Hi Helen I asked Matt the developer if it could be and he said he would look at it. I’ll chase him up and see if there’s any progress

  6. Hi Steve, Simon, Mike

    I’ve had the following from Matt regarding Archery scorepad. I leave it to you obviously but it seems to me that this could be a useful conduit for BPAA info, scoring and so on. Also using Expert Archer app (android only I think) you can upload you scores to ASP. Expert Archer is a really good app for scoring, sight marks, progress and so on. Anyway over to you if you think BPAA could make use of ASP or EA
    Hi Michael,

    The current system allows you to join one “local group” (ie, your local club) plus one “regional group”. So since BPAA is already a regional group:

    you should be able to join this alongside your own local club.

    The changes to go beyond this, and join more than two groups, are still in the pipeline. They are in place in a “version 2” of the website, but unfortunately there’s still a bit more to be done before this can go fully live.

    What sort of hierarchy are you really after? If you want

    (Local club) < (Regional BPAA) < (National BPAA)

    there may be a work around. If you were to create regional groups and join those, but also wanted an overall national group, that included everyone in the regional sub-sections, I could possibly fix something up to make this work as a special case…


  7. I haven’t created a BPAA group for obvious reasons but this is what it says if you click the link

    Local Group Directory
    You are currently a member of Bowmen Of Guernsey.

    You can change this by visiting the homepage of another group, and clicking the link that says ‘Make this my group’.

    Not sure if this is what I’m looking for though

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