Centre – Update

Hi All, – Those observant members may have noticed that our Association logo has changed slightly from the original recently. The reason for this is that the old version was just an initial poor quality resolution image that worked if kept small, but when enlarged pixilated very badly. So working behind the scenes our East Midlands Region Representative – David Major has been applying his talents to updating the logo. We thank David for all of his hard work, and I know a considerable number of proofs were constructed before the final version was approved. We now have an updated image that is in .jpg as well as vector formats that we can use when ordering future badges and clothing, as well as promoting the Association on “Feather Banners” at some stage in the not too distant future. Members will notice the changes as the Association documentation is also updated. We have elected to still retain the old logo wich can be found at the bottom of much of our documentation as a fond memory and tribute to forbear organisers who produced the original design in 1989.

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