One Reply on “The Great Warbow by Matthew Strickland & Robert Hardy”

  1. This is a really great book I have read a great part of it.
    It is very informative about the history of the Longbow. It has a great many colour plates to view as well. Sadly we no longer have Robert Hardy with us who was a Co-Author of the book. He was a great actor ( Seigfried Farnan in All Creatures Great and Small, as well the Minister of Magic in Harry Potter, and also acting in a great many other films and TV series) but not many people know that he was an expert on the use of, and history of the Warbow, and along with others tested many of the bows found on the Mary Rose, (Henry VIII Favorite Warship until it sank in 1545), when it was raised in 1982, which enable them to establish that a great number of the bows had draw weights up to 180lbs.

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