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  1. I’ve used them with a compound. I used them with a drop-away rest and I might have used them with a blade, I can’t remember but I found them not very good perhaps because they are not very stiff and therefore may be too soft for the extra feet per second that a compound produces. Any way move to AAE Max which went a lot better

  2. Thanks Mike,
    I must confess I am having trouble in any case with my arrow rest. It is a Trophy Taker but uses blades that only mount using 1 screw. I have been told that this stopped being produced about eight years ago, and that blades are now made with 2 screws. I have been able to, allegedly, acquire the last 2 blades in existance that have a 1 screw hole !! but both blades seem too wide for my thin ACC arrows as they are stripping off my vanes.
    Having discussed this with Chris H today we may look at a drop-away instead if the problem continues

  3. The AAE Hybrid vanes are also very good, I can recommend these. I’ve had very good results with them with a 1 degree offset. Their more “lick & stick” compared to other types of AAE vanes which require a primer pen.

    Regarding arrow rests, you may want to consider the AAE pro Drop. It’s a limb driven drop away which can be converted to a blade if preferred. Best of both worlds 🙂

  4. do not use them myself, was going to give them a try, but one of the other compound shooters at my club has tried them he advised against them as they have a tendency to tear off no matter what rest you use

  5. I wondered if that might be the case, however I have recently bought myself a drop away rest, and I suppose in theory there should not be any part of the rest that should interfere with the fletching as the arrow runs out?

    In any case is there any evidence that they provide a better performing arrow, compared to standard vanes with or without any offset?

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